Jump Start Your Love Life

An 8 Week Women’s Group Coaching Course

Do you find that your relationships are one-sided with you doing a lot of the giving and getting little in return?

Do you feel deep down that something isn’t right in your relationship, but you’re having a hard time with the idea of letting it go?

Or have you been single for years now, making a few attempts at online dating, yet feeling frustrated?

Do men often see you as just a buddy?

If so, it may be time for a jump start in your love life.

Jump Start Your Love Life is an 8 week group coaching course where you’ll learn new ways of seeing yourself, seeing men and gain new insights into the dating process. You’ll gain new skills in navigating communication and take steps to feel more authentically you so that you will attract and keep the right partner for you.

Over the 8 weeks we’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Creating a Vision for Your Love Life

  • Identifying and Healing Blocks to Love

  • Feminine and Masculine Energy

  • Creating a Culture of Abundance - Self-Care and Community

  • Alignment vs. Chemistry

  • Dating On and Offline - Nuances and Tips

  • Understanding Men

  • Communication

You’ll get:

  • 8 weeks of recorded classes on these topics

  • Access to a Facebook group shared by the class to discuss and get support around your specific questions and experiences

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions to work through anything you’d like

Who is this group for:

  • A woman who is done with dissatisfying patterns in her love life.

  • A woman who desires a satisfying partnership where she is seen and loved for who she is - and knows the energy, time and financial investment to make that happen is worth it.

  • A woman who is ready to do some inner self exploration to examine patterns and make changes.

  • A woman who knows being in a good, long-term partnership is a high value for her right now!

If that describes you, join us! You can register here today. Use code JUMPSTART to get a $52 discount if you register before March 25th.

The course begins April 1st on Monday evenings at 6:30pm PST through May 20th.

Any questions or concerns? Schedule a chat with me here.

Why not get ready for your best summer love yet!!

**Check out this interview of my friend Jessica who got a lot out of a group coaching course we were in together last year and hear about what happened in her life.