30 Days, 15 Women, 15 Conversations



Last year, as a new and budding coach, I created the Share the Love Project so that I could connect with women interested to experience the power a coaching session and how it can create fast shifts in their love life.

I was motivated to:

  1. Share my developing gifts as a gift to the community.


  2. Take away any barriers for women who wouldn’t normally consider “giving” themselves coaching. I truly believe that by giving love, we create more love in the world and draw more of the kind of love we’d like to receive. So that’s why this summer I’m doing this Share the Love project again!

Through this experience women have a safe container to share challenging things in their life so they can come to terms with what their true desires are or get support around a step they feel scared to take or more quickly avoid painful choices they would usually take without any support.

I know how hard it is to navigate the area of our love lives and how it brings up so many tender emotions. I know how sometimes talking with friends or family only brings us back to feeling pressured or judged. That’s why I’m glad to offer another experience.

So grab your spot and I look forward to having a conversation with you!


  1. There are 15 spots, first come, first serve.

  2. The project runs June 14th - July 15th.

  3. Each conversation is 60 minutes (can be in person or phone/video chat).

  4. The session will be exploratory as well as supportive and challenging.

  5. A safe space to express any emotion that comes up.

  6. You’ll come away with: 1. Clarity on your experiences 2. Insight about anything that could be blocking you from what you want. 3. Next steps to take action towards more connection.



To be a part of this project:

  1. Click here to Book Your Spot

2. Use code FINDLUV.

3. Fill out preliminary questions form.

4. Show up! There will be no re-schedules.

This is an absolutely complimentary experience! Only if you are interested to continue working together after our session, I’ll be glad to share how.