My Story

As a young girl, I spent my free time scrolling through the pages of my mom’s Ladies Home Journal and became obsessed with the greatest column ever, “Can this Marriage Be Saved?” But at age 40, I found myself, child-less, and husband-less totally burnt out from the accounting business I’d spent years growing. It wasn’t what I hoped my life would look like at that point.

While the years had passed, I found it easier to just stay busy doing work where I “played it safe”, but the truth was I was shackled in lots of fears around relationships.

I knew that I needed help to change. I went to a counselor to work through my issues dating men, but we soon discovered my more pressing need was for me to address burnout and discover a path I felt more passionate about, so he asked me, "Why can't you sell your business and let it go?"

Gulp. I had no idea what I'd do instead, but the thought of letting my business go felt like someone had just lifted a 50 pound sandbag off my back. 

So I gave myself a deadline and sold my clients and went on a sabbatical to figure it out.

Taking a sabbatical gave me the space to finally hear everything my inner voice was saying. I saw how in many areas in my life; in relationships, work, and social activities, I hid underneath busyness or I repeatedly gave my own power away.

I started to explore who I was apart from working and experiment with what made me feel alive. I traveled and worked on Spanish fluency, I made my home a sanctuary for Air BNB guests, I dated new men, I led recovery groups, I took dance classes. The more I knew who I truly was, the more confident I became to enjoy the process of dating and better quality men started to show up to ask me out!

I became obsessed with learning everything I could about relational dynamics and dating advice. I met with dating coaches, watched videos, read books and I started to really listen to other women’s frustrations and pain points in relationships. My passion to help women be their best self to attract a great partner grew stronger and stronger.

After taking the Martha Beck Life Coach Training and most recently completing coursework at The Relationship School, I knew that I wanted to support other women with the tools and insights I gained by healing and navigating today’s dating culture and relationships.

Since I understand the pain of unhealthy dating and relationship experiences, I get it how frustrating dating can be.

So I'm excited to walk with you on your journey! I create a safe space for you--so you can feel free to listen to the leading of your soul to fully express the unique woman you are to draw in your ideal partnership. I’m on your team, believing it’s possible!

Kristen listened so deeply with the intent to understand, and her reflective questions helped me to listen to myself and to hear what it was I was really looking for.
I wouldn’t recommend Kristen to somebody who wanted someone to fix their problems or to give them all the answers. Rather, I would recommend her to somebody who was willing to work to achieve their goals, but needed help clarifying what those goals were and where to start.
— Michelle B.
Talking with Kristen brings light into your life! Her pertinent questions spark new ways of thinking and feeling. She remains by your side throughout the process of change as you take concrete and clearly defined turtle steps towards your goal. I always say that “Good therapy is good teamwork”. Kristen is an excellent example of that. I am so grateful for the help she has given me in my own quest to better understand myself and navigate my life!
— Johanna Mulvaney-Malmberg, Licensed Psychotherapist

Why Hire a coach?

You gain: 

  • An objective partner to talk through your pain points of dating or relationship frustration.

  • A teacher to share tools that help to draw out your intuitive wisdom.

  • A guide to lead you into new areas of change and growth.

  • An observer to notice connections, tendencies or patterns you may not see alone.

  • A fellow traveler who understands and who is continually improving her life too.

  • A cheerleader to encourage you to follow through on the steps you want to take.