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Share the Love

As a woman who's had a whole lotta dating experience for one lifetime, I get how tough it is to navigate modern day relationships. (Read more of my backstory here.) Over the years, I've heard lots of advice. One common piece of dating wisdom I've heard along the way is, "you've got to BE love to attract love." 

And it's true! that love spurs on love in all kinds of ways!

So that's why I wanted to tell you about my Share the Love project as a way to send my own love out into the world!

What is the Share the Love project, you ask?

I am running a project to gift 10 coaching sessions to 10 people around any current issues they may be facing in their dating/love lives.

I am interested to serve people struggling after a break up, divorce or a long patch of just no dating at all. I want to help people who feel stuck in relationships or who just need some support to get clarity on a current relationship.

So what are the deets?

  •  There are 10 spots, first come, first serve.
  • The project runs July 30th - August 20th.
  • Each session is 60 minutes. (can be in person or video chat)
  • The session will be exploratory as well as challenging
  • The session is a place all feelings are welcome--whether frustrated or hopeful ect.
  • You come away with 3 main things: 1. Clarity on your experience  2. Insight about limiting beliefs that may be getting in your way  3.Next steps towards more connection

How to receive the love?

  • Click on this link to schedule a day and time.  Use the code FINDLUV.
  • Fill out the quick questionnaire I send you.
  • Show up! There will be no re-schedules.   

Absolutely no strings attached for a receiving a complimentary session! Though if you are interested, I'll be happy to share about good deals on coaching packages. 

Excited to Share the Love with you!           

Later Event: September 27
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