Exploratory Coaching Session

You’ve read self-help books, watched videos, cried with friends, but haven’t gotten the results you want in your love life. Now you’re really ready to invest in yourself to experience the loving relationship you’ve always wanted.

And you’re curious whether coaching can help.

Why not try an exploratory coaching session?

Here’s what it looks like:

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1.What’s been going on for you?

I want to hear what’s been going on in your life in the area of relationships and what is causing you the most frustration or heartache. I’ll ask you questions to learn more and make sure I understand.


2.identify blocks

Almost always our struggles with relationships stem from beliefs that cause us to block the love we want. As I listen to your story, I help you identify any limiting belief that could be causing you to experience less than desirable results.


3.create action plan

Once we identify a limiting belief, it’s time for you to work to change that belief. I will give you a plan of action steps to take. Sometimes it involves an exercise of personal introspection and other times it’s taking action in your life.