Have you wondered if love's not in the cards for you?


Maybe you feel like

you've lost your only chance or

   you aren't enough

(beautiful, smart, or talented)

 to keep long-lasting love?

You could stay alone thinking this way for a very long time.

Or you could shift.


Relationship Coaching Creates Shifts 

How do you know relationship coaching is for you?

  • You know there is a place inside you that can feel confident and be alluring to the right man, but you’re feeling stuck with how that’s possible.

  • You feel tired trying to make things happen with men that don’t want the same thing , but you believe a relationship can feel ease-ful.

  • You're ready to break out of old patterns such as dating emotionally unavailable men in relationships that make you feel anxious and insecure, so that you can show up with assurance that the right man desires to see you.

  • You've made some progress with self-help books, but you recognize that limiting beliefs shift more quickly into feelings of freedom with an experienced guide to see and support you.

  • Lasting love is the dream of your heart and you’re ready to do what it takes to attract great love!

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  about Kristen

As a young girl, I spent my free time scrolling through the pages of my mom’s Ladies Home Journal and became obsessed with the greatest column ever, “Can this Marriage Be Saved?” But at age 40, I found myself, child-less, and husband-less totally burnt out from the accounting business I’d spent years growing. It wasn’t what I hoped my life would look like at that point.

While the years had passed by I found it easier to just stay busy doing work where I “played it safe”, but the truth was I was shackled in lots of fears around relationships.

I knew that I needed help to change. I went to a counselor to work through my issues dating men, but we soon discovered my more pressing need was for me to address burnout and discover a path I felt more passionate about, so he asked me, "Why can't you sell your business and let it go?"

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