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Chemistry vs. Alignment - Finding a Good Balance in a Match - Savvy Singles Group

  • 212 NE 80th St., Portland, OR 97220 (map)

Have you ever gotten so caught up in the chemistry with someone that you overlooked the differences you had? Or maybe you've been so concerned about aligning with someone in a particular way that you downplayed the chemistry you would've liked? How much chemistry and alignment is important when seeking a long-term partnership?

Come join us in the conversation as we discuss what kinds of things we can be aware of when seeking a lasting partnership. How can we prevent ourselves from getting caught up in the chemistry and keep an eye on how we really match up with a person for the long-term.

I, Kristen, will be sharing a short (5-10 min)presentation on Alignment vs. Chemistry to get the conversation started. Then stick around afterwards and make a new friend!

If you’re local in Portland, OR, Join us here!